Boat Asleep

November 21st 2017 by avokado

The winter could be time for rest. We could gather our strength like boats sleeping by the shore line. Later the time will come for being active. But not today. 

Old Beauty

September 4th 2017 by runekani

So often beauty is found in something old and ragged. And in living and peculiar.

Caterpillar on old wooden wall

We are all living and peculiar. And soon we will be old and ragged.

The 2nd Day

July 27th 2017 by runekani

Since yesterday was the first day of the rest of my life, today is the second. So today I shall be pursuing the goals I finally set myself yesterday.

I'd assume the key is to learn the right kind of routines: first in thinking and decision making, and finally in practise. There are key ...


July 10th 2017 by runekani

Hey, let's all be biodegradable. And we are! How fun is that?

Of Surfing

June 29th 2017 by avokado

Speaking of surfing or whatever, do you know, what does a surf ace do? 

She always stays on the surface. 


June 28th 2017 by runekani

There might be plans to be discussed or opportunities to be siezed, but if you are too tired, nothing works. Creativity fails, brain slips into standby mode and routines fill up the sky. 

lack of sleep means lack of creativity

When tired ...


June 14th 2017 by avokado

Mainly what we strive for is colour. Pleasant, comforting or vitalising. 

 Sometimes we find it, sometimes not. 


June 13th 2017 by avokado

Recently I've mainly been interested in sleeping. It's the easiest way to travel, to get away, to disappear for a while. For some reason the waking world has lost quite a bit of it's glamour. Hopefully temporarily.

just watching the ducks

The life ...


June 1st 2017 by runekani

We are taught to be unique and thoroughly individual. But what do we do? At the best we combine or rephrase what we've seen and heard. Sometimes even reconstruct. But an original idea? That's seldom heard of.

borrowing borrowed ideas

Borrowing ...


May 30th 2017 by runekani

The material world around us consists of tiny particles far away from each other, and empty space in between. And those particles are made of even smaller particles, which in turn are made of nothing.

the world around seems ridiculous 

So teaches ...

Let's Look Busy

May 28th 2017 by runekani

After sleep and breakfast we've got about 15 hours a day to look busy. It's time to pretend that we are useful creatures doing important stuff. Like ants. 

Ant hive

We are not encouraged to stop, ...

Base Beliefs

May 28th 2017 by runekani

We look at world around us through our base beliefs. They guide us in making observations and choosing what's relevant and what's not. 

base of a tree

But how to judge between contradicting reasonable ...