Fan Time

April 28th 2018 by araukara

We quarrel on this and that, but in critical circumstances it always comes to the question:

where were you when the shit hit the fan?

Let's hope you were around doing something useful. Anything. And not being one of those self-centred non-entities.

Tech Beauty

February 27th 2018 by araukara

Our technical environment is expanding all the time. Luckily beauty can be found there too. 

We have a challenge of both seeing and creating beauty. Let's face it. 

New Year

January 1st 2018 by avokado

Calendar is based on random dates and so on. But anyway it’s great to see the big wheel turning. So happy New Year to everyone! Let’s make 2018 a great one. 


December 14th 2017 by araukara

In the moments of sadness I feel that the Earth is for steady workers and freaks. And I'm neither one. I wish this all wouldn't function as rationally as it seems. 'Cause abundant rationality is sad.

abundant rationality is sad

I'd call for more imagination in reality. Irrational details. Unexpected events. Having the power I'd make the Earth a softer place. More like misty dreams.

So that's a call for art? But getting ...

Winter Colours

December 13th 2017 by avokado

For me the winter is rather difficult. The lack of warmth and light is hard on the mind.

endless variety of greys 

Perhaps concentrating on colours might help. The winter offers endless variety of greys. And greyish greens and greyish browns, not to mention greyish whites.

The colours of the winter mind.

The 2nd Day

July 27th 2017 by runekani

Since yesterday was the first day of the rest of my life, today is the second. So today I shall be pursuing the goals I finally set myself yesterday.

I'd assume the key is to learn the right kind of routines: first in thinking and decision making, and finally in practise. There are key moments that must be identified. Like crossroads in paths the either lead you astray or help you get onwards. Today is the day to meditate on those moments. When familiar, they ...

Of Surfing

June 29th 2017 by avokado

Speaking of surfing or whatever, do you know, what does a surf ace do? 

She always stays on the surface. 


June 29th 2017 by runekani

The redness of red is difficult to handle. Nature uses it sparingly. Seldom we see skies like this. 

Couldn't sleep in a room like that either. So sparingly is the key. 


June 1st 2017 by runekani

We are taught to be unique and thoroughly individual. But what do we do? At the best we combine or rephrase what we've seen and heard. Sometimes even reconstruct. But an original idea? That's seldom heard of.

borrowing borrowed ideas

Borrowing borrowed ideas, that's what we mainly do. Is that ok?

Red Wine

May 30th 2017 by avokado

Makes you wonder whether red wine is a cheap cheat to relaxation and taking it easy, or more essentially an available shortcut? 

In moderate use, of course.


May 30th 2017 by runekani

The material world around us consists of tiny particles far away from each other, and empty space in between. And those particles are made of even smaller particles, which in turn are made of nothing.

the world around seems ridiculous 

So teaches us physics.

The social world around us is made of conventions, habits and significances based on themselves. The mental world is mostly unknown.

Doesn't sound ...

Let's Look Busy

May 28th 2017 by runekani

After sleep and breakfast we've got about 15 hours a day to look busy. It's time to pretend that we are useful creatures doing important stuff. Like ants. 

Ant hive

We are not encouraged to stop, because it would help us start thinking. And that's definitely not efficient; some corporation might even lose some money. 

And we might get a glimpse of life. 

Base Beliefs

May 28th 2017 by runekani

We look at world around us through our base beliefs. They guide us in making observations and choosing what's relevant and what's not. 

base of a tree

But how to judge between contradicting reasonable beliefs? And how to end up holding better and truer beliefs than before? Quite a task. 


May 25th 2017 by runekani

Saw you in a dream
smelled the scent of your hair
tasted your smile lightly
grabbed your hand and joined you
but now
I can't remember
where we'll meet. 

Death of an Apple

May 25th 2017 by runekani

Let's assume the apple died. It was picked up before, and then stored. Finally it was placed in the fruit bowl and oh, how delicious it looked. 

And tasted too, after peeling and slicing.

let's assume the apple lived

So now there's nothing left but the seeds. But wait, they could be planted and a new apple tree could grow. And what about the other apples that were picked up from the same tree than the apple in ...


May 7th 2017 by runekani

Intuition is unreasoned knowledge. Or understanding inwardly. Or intuition is collected and digested experience. Or it could be our inner self's guiding voice, or the unconscious talking to the conscious mind. 

What ever it is, it's needed. And worth developing. So the question is: how to do it? How to become more sensitive to true intuition?

There's a path in front of us. It's winding and dividing and getting us confused. And we need to know the next ...

Food Art

May 3rd 2017 by runekani

Food can be art. Just like this excellent broccolini dish that my mom made.

She spent quite some time arranging the broccolini to suit her taste. And that is exactly what makes the difference between a coincidence and art. Let's list:

  1. Enough experience of life on the subject you are examining.
  2. Enough experience of the method you are using.
  3. Sheer work.
  4. Recognizing ...

May Your May Be Good

May 1st 2017 by runekani

May has begun today. And you want it to be good. The nature is finally awakening from the dead, but you feel you are repeating the same old patterns which have no life in them anymore. So you have decided to make a change. But how?

The problem with changes in lifestyle is that first one makes firm decisions and then nothing changes. So one should concentrate on essential issues, so that a change would really ...

A Model of Being Human

April 25th 2017 by runekani

Let's draw a conceptual model of human being. It should be a simplification that helps to understand different aspects of human life. It should give room to the varying points of view that are used when focusing on human experience.

A good model does not reduce the complexity of human life to a view that just one branch of science has to offer. It should recognize that being human is tangible, experienced and socially formed at the same time. Right down to ...


April 17th 2017 by runekani

Sooner or later we are bound to find something in here. This and that. Various and unvarious. Something almost understandable, but most likely more like underground stuff.

In one word: art.


April 15th 2017 by runekani

Behold, Kanioni is born. Let us rejoice and drink a nice cup of tea to her health.