Of Surfing

June 29th 2017 by avokado

Speaking of surfing or whatever, do you know, what does a surf ace do? 

She always stays on the surface. 


June 29th 2017 by runekani

The redness of red is difficult to handle. Nature uses it sparingly. Seldom we see skies like this. 

Couldn't sleep in a room like that either. So sparingly is the key. 

Red Wine

May 30th 2017 by avokado

Makes you wonder whether red wine is a cheap cheat to relaxation and taking it easy, or more essentially an available shortcut? 

In moderate use, of course.


May 25th 2017 by runekani

Saw you in a dream
smelled the scent of your hair
tasted your smile lightly
grabbed your hand and joined you
but now
I can't remember
where we'll meet. 


May 7th 2017 by runekani

Intuition is unreasoned knowledge. Or understanding inwardly. Or intuition is collected and digested experience. Or it could be our inner self's guiding voice, or the unconscious talking to the conscious mind. 

What ever it is, it's needed. And worth developing. So the question is: ...


April 17th 2017 by runekani

Sooner or later we are bound to find something in here. This and that. Various and unvarious. Something almost understandable, but most likely more like underground stuff.

In one word: art.


April 15th 2017 by runekani

Behold, Kanioni is born. Let us rejoice and drink a nice cup of tea to her health.