Twelve Minute Meditation


These meditational videos are best experienced on a large enough HD screen, but they can be viewed on your smartphone as well. When watching, focus on the details or the view as whole. Notice your breathing throughout the exercise. When your thoughts wander off, guide them gently back to your breathing or to what you see.

If the video you chose was too short, please replay it, or choose another video. In case you liked the experience, please share it with your friends.

These videos are meditational. So the plot is not on the screen but in your mind. You will notice that there is not much happening, but that is the whole point. In our lives there is most of the time too much stuff. This time not.

To get into these videos you need a peaceful place. To start with, breathe in and out deeply a few times and then start the video. While watching focus on what you see or how you breathe. Either one.

If you felt incapable of concentrating or relaxing, you might try again. If you found yourself bored - well, that's the starting point. You are getting there. And if you found yourself drifting into something else than your everyday life, I'd recommend you to continue.


It's easy to get lost in life. There are too many activities and too much expected of us. We struggle to play along, to hurry, to get tired, and finally we become strangers to ourselves. That's why we need meditation.

The best practise is to meditate in nature. And daily. But sometimes that's rather difficult. It's freezing cold or we are travelling or stuff has gotten in the way. That's why we made these videos.

It is not easy to appreciate the slowness of non-happening, which is all around us. But the same thing is inside us, and after all it's the easiest gate to reach the steadiness that leads to being satisfied or even happy in life. So what I recommend is slooowing down…


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The present moment is all we have.