May Your May Be Good

May 1st 2017 by runekani

May has begun today. And you want it to be good. The nature is finally awakening from the dead, but you feel you are repeating the same old patterns which have no life in them anymore. So you have decided to make a change. But how?

The problem with changes in lifestyle is that first one makes firm decisions and then nothing changes. So one should concentrate on essential issues, so that a change would really happen. But how to judge between essential and peripheral?

Emptying and refilling should be done simultaniously in order to create a flow. So getting something out and something in, and continuing with that, just might stir up a current. We'll start with three excercises.

  1. Something physical. Get out and run, twice a week to start with. And thorough stretching afterwards.
  2. Loosen up the mind. Meditate, paint or tell stories, and do that regularly. Hopefully something every day.
  3. Make a change in your context. Start somethin new, or do old things differently. Focus on seeing the world around you clearlier than before.

And then comes the hardest part: when you see that you fail, start all over again. Don't give up. Don't lose your spirit. And when you do, start anew again.