June 28th 2017 by runekani

There might be plans to be discussed or opportunities to be siezed, but if you are too tired, nothing works. Creativity fails, brain slips into standby mode and routines fill up the sky. 

lack of sleep means lack of creativity

When tired enough even sleep gets worse. Overdriven thoughts are harder to calm and dreams have darker shades in them.

Propably the core of the problem is not appreciating the gift of sleep. It happens to be one of the greatest things in life. 

When sleeping our pretendance takes a break. We are honest to ourselves. The images flowing through mind present themselves without outward rationality. The inner chaos in us becomes visible. 

And the whole time mind rearranges itself, and body rests and heals itself. We move a tiny step closer to what we really are. And that makes a difference, unless we back up when we wake up.