A Walk in the Forest

June 15th 2018 by araukara

A walk in the forest is a refreshing experience. But be careful not to stare at the devastation areas caused by forest industry for too long. Concentrate on the beauty of unspoiled nature. 


May 17th 2018 by avokado

Many names it has. Serenity, tranquility, peace, calmness. And many faces. Here’s one of them. 

Magic of Fire

April 18th 2018 by avokado

The thrill of wood burning in the fireplace is as old as human civilisation. Lighting the fire is participating in ancient routines, and staring at it is pure meditation. Not to mention frying sausage on it.


April 17th 2018 by runekani

Mist covers views so often. But future is different. Usually it’s totally out of sight. Only on rare occasions of intuition it’s only misty.

Spring Cleaning

April 12th 2018 by runekani

Mind reflects the surroundings. So cleaning up the house and garage builds basis for meditation. It’s an easy task but yet necessary.

cleaning up the garage

Meditation itself requires more effort. And we need all the help we can get. 

Retreating Snow

April 10th 2018 by avokado

In April the snow is bound to melt sooner or later. On this spot there’ll be sailing boats that are being loaded with all the necessary equipment from winter stores. Oh, the hope.

Elegance in Ordinary

April 7th 2018 by avokado

A visit to a pizzeria can an aesthetic experience. The roundness of pizza reminds of peace of mind and the balanced aroma of art.


April 3rd 2018 by araukara

The most exciting part of a regular working day is the lunch. So plan it carefully.

no hurrying with sacred

Find a place where the food is healthy and delicious, and reserve enough time. No hurrying with sacred things.

Almost Easter

March 31st 2018 by araukara

Tomorrow it’s Easter. So the spring is nearer than when we last met. Finally.


March 29th 2018 by runekani

Things proceed as they do. Time rolls on, experience accumulates and all the unnoticed currents of incidents flow to the direction they do.

decisive movements on ants' paths

We can pretend to stop or move, but the planet rotates on her path and so do we. We appear to get ideas and make plans, but at its best our orientation resembles decisive movements on ants' paths.

Relaxing thought, eh?

Spring Fruits

March 20th 2018 by runekani


- As you can see, it’s spring already. The long awaited and almost forgotten. 

- You wish. 


January 6th 2018 by avokado

Saw a tulip in the snow
she smiled and told me
to get my coat
or I would freeze
for the winter
was not over yet. 


January 5th 2018 by runekani

Write your testimony
in obsolete language
with non-excisting letters

write it on pine bark
with lukewarm water
using a bucket as a pen

shout it out while diving
on a deserted coast
near a village long ago forgotten

whisper it to everyone's ear
when everyone's deaf and dead
and buried in the dust of time.

Then turn around
and we'll shake hands
and stare each other in the eye.

Fruit Glyphs

December 13th 2017 by runekani

Peculiar how nature writes ancient glyphs and hides them for an open minded to find. 


Boat Asleep

November 21st 2017 by avokado

The winter could be time for rest. We could gather our strength like boats sleeping by the shore line. Later the time will come for being active. But not today. 

Old Beauty

September 4th 2017 by runekani

So often beauty is found in something old and ragged. And in living and peculiar.

Caterpillar on old wooden wall

We are all living and peculiar. And soon we will be old and ragged.


July 10th 2017 by runekani

Hey, let's all be biodegradable. And we are! How fun is that?


June 28th 2017 by runekani

There might be plans to be discussed or opportunities to be siezed, but if you are too tired, nothing works. Creativity fails, brain slips into standby mode and routines fill up the sky. 

lack of sleep means lack of creativity

When tired enough even sleep gets worse. Overdriven thoughts are harder to calm and dreams have darker shades in them.

Propably the core of the problem is not appreciating the gift of ...


June 14th 2017 by avokado

Mainly what we strive for is colour. Pleasant, comforting or vitalising. 

 Sometimes we find it, sometimes not. 


June 13th 2017 by avokado

Recently I've mainly been interested in sleeping. It's the easiest way to travel, to get away, to disappear for a while. For some reason the waking world has lost quite a bit of it's glamour. Hopefully temporarily.

just watching the ducks

The life around has slowed down. It's like being forgotten in a park. I'm watching the ducks and the ripples on the pond, but there's no other movement. 

How to make art of that? ...

Solar Power

May 28th 2017 by avokado

I have a dream about a noiseless house. The ventilation would be powered by gravity, and electricity would be produced by solar power. The house would be near the sea where tidal range is high. And I would have a little garden there. 

I think I run on solar power myself. In the months of lousy weather I loose power and gain inner sadness. Now it takes time to recharge.