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Tomb Rider II on Wine

On Christmas vacation there occurred a desire to play the classic Tomb Rider II on Ubuntu Gutsy. So I installed Wine by getting the package wine in Synaptics. Then I opened the file setup.exe from the tr2 cd in Wine by clicking it with the other mouse button and choosing to open it with another program - Wine.

After the installation I found out that the screen resolution for my laptop was not available in the game setup; the whole drop-down menu was passive. Also the sound switched to maximum automatically on screen changes of the game, which was undesirable. So I used Wine's Regedit to alter the values:

wine regedit

Digging into the registry like in the old times. First finding the tr2-folder in hot-key-current-user. In full screen values I changed bpp from 16 to 32, height from 480 to 800 and width from 640 to 1280. Then in volume values I changed both music and soundfx from 10 to 8.

After a reboot the game was fully playable. Good.

muokattu viimeksi 26/12 2007